How to unlock Huawei E5573s-508 Personal Argentina


Huawei E5573, one of the very popular and stylish Wi-Fi portable router, sold by major telecom companies in most of the countries. Today, we are going to get you through a round of some easy to follow instructions involved to unlock Huawei e5573s-508 Personal Argentina MiFi, which will enable you to use all other unsupported SIM.

The other models which can be unlocked using this method are: 

ISP Country Firmware Web UI
Movistar Nicaragua
Wom Chile
Claro Dominican Republic

The procedure given below has been tested on all the above models and it has worked flawlessly.

How to unlock Huawei E5573s-508 Personal Argentina

Let us proceed to unlock Huawei E5573s-508

Pre-requirement: Download the below files and keep them ready.

Once the files are downloaded we can start the process of unlocking Huawei E5573s-508.

Phase I:

  1. Check your device battery, it should be at least 70% charged otherwise your device might get dead during this process.
  2. This is an important step so if the drivers are already installed on your PC then also do this step. Install Huawei-Mobile-Partner required for the drivers and it is highly recommended to restart the PC/Laptop after installing the same.
  3. After installing the drivers, now it is time to connect the Huawei E5573 router to your computer. So, without wasting time, let us connect it using the USB cable.
  4. Disconnect the active internet connection, if any and close all the web browsers.
  5. Go to the files downloaded in the beginning and run the first firmware file – E5573s-508 Update
  6. You will be asked to enter a code, which is basically called firmware code. Click here to get your firmware code or leave your IMEI in the comment section.
  7. After entering the correct code, click OK and wait till the wizard finishes. The installation might take some time, so please be patient and don’t power off the router. Keep one thing in mind that after installing this firmware the device will not be completely operational.

Phase II:

  1. Once the installation is over, launch DC-Unlocker as administrator and click on the round button containing the magnifying glass icon to display the details of your E5573s-508 router.
  2. How to unlock Huawei E5573s-508 Personal Argentina
  3. Move your cursor to the end and type the command AT^NVRDEX=50503, 0,1 28 and press enter. As a result, it will display some hexadecimal numbers, copy all those numbers and paste them into the comment section to get the unlock code. After receiving the code, update your router with E5573s-156 firmware to bring it back to the working condition.
  4. You are very close to the final stage of unlocking. After the installation is over, switch off the router and insert incompatible SIM and switch the router ON.
  5. Connect Huawei E5573s-508 to your computer and open any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla and navigate to the default IP address of your router. If prompted for the username and password, enter admin in both the cases.
  6. After entering the password you will be redirected to the unlocking page immediately, where you can enter the correct unlock code to make your E5573s-508 router free of any restriction.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 6 USD to get the Unlock Code. Kindly proceed only if you are ready to pay the same.


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