How to Unlock Alcatel Airbox 2 Router


Alcatel TCL has launched Airbox MiFi router which is locked by Orange carrier. We now provide the correct NCK or unlock code of Alcatel Airbox 2 Router, means you can easily unlock it to use with another network SIM cards.

Since the Airbox comes locked to a particular network, you can not use any other network provider SIM card. Once, the pocket MiFi is unlocked, you are free to use any other carrier SIM card.

How to Unlock Alcatel Airbox 2 Router

How to Unlock Alcatel Airbox 2 Router

  1. Turn off your Alcatel Airbox 2 Router.
  2. Change the default SIM card with any another network provider SIM. If it is locked to Network “X”, insert the SIM card of network “Y” in your Alcatel Airbox 2 Router.
  3. Power it on and connect to the PC using the USB cable or WiFi.
  4. Open your web browser and navigate to or
  5. You will be asked to enter the username and password. Enter the credentials.
  6. Your Alcatel Airbox 2 Router will prompt you to enter the NCK. Note: If the device does not redirect to the unlocking page then check the NCK option under Settings.
  7. Input here correct 10-digits unlock code / NCK which you have received from us and click Apply/OK button.
  8. The device will reboot and will display the network of the inserted SIM card.

Unlock code is not free. You will have to pay 3 USD to get the Code. Kindly pay using the link given below.


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