Sunday, March 7, 2021
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ZTE Factory Unlock Code

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Unlock Code Charges for ZTE Router/Modem

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Supported Models: ZTE devices of all countries except StraightTalk USA, Tracfone, Net10 and SafeLink.

    • Code Delivery Time – 2 Hours to 24 Hours (excluding Saturday & Sunday)
    • Place the order only when the device prompts to enter an Unlock Code.
    • If your ZTE Router is locked to Tracfone and if it shows “SIM Lock Code-1” after inserting unsupported SIM, then it is hard locked and cannot be unlocked. Don’t place any order in this case.
    • if your IMEI starts from 99 (ex. 99xxxxxxxxxxxxx) don’t place the order, There is no way to unlock it using the code. No refund will be provided if paid.
    • Don’t order the NCK code for CDMA ZTE routers or modems, the NCK code will not work and no refund will be provided in that case.
    • Few of the latest ZTE devices from T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS USA doesn’t ask for Network Unlock code. These devices cannot be unlocked by code and can be unlocked by using a special APP called “Device Unlock app”. Don’t place the order if there is no option to enter unlock code.
    • Please make sure the brand, model, Network Operator and IMEI number provided by you are correct as the Unlock/NCK Code is generated according to the information provided by you. If any information is wrong then the Unlock/NCK code will also be wrong and no refund will be granted in that case.
    • Once the order is placed successfully, the correct Unlock/NCK code (8-digits / 12-digits / 16-digits) will be delivered to your email-ID automatically.
    • In case of any confusion, you can write an email to us at